Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Options that Work.

Are you one of the countless area people who have tried store-bought teeth whitening strips or other take home tooth bleaching kits? Were you happy with the results? If the answer is no, then give us a call at Ballard Family Dentistry in Springtown TX. Since we focus on you as an individual, we can assess your teeth and give you the best possible treatment plan.

There are two options available from our practice to whiten teeth: take-home teeth whitening kits or one-hour, in-office tooth bleaching.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you are a busy person who doesn’t want to worry about do-it-yourself teeth whitening, then our professional and quick in–office tooth bleaching procedure is your ideal choice. We apply teeth whitening agents directly to your teeth, taking care to avoid gums and surrounding areas. The tooth bleaching procedure takes about an hour and will provide significant results. This is a great choice to whiten teeth for those looking for a same-day smile makeover.

Take Home Teeth Bleaching

If you prefer to do teeth whitening on your own time and with a more flexible schedule, then try our take home tooth bleaching option. This choice is superior to drug store teeth whitening kits as the results from our professional tooth bleaching kits are more predictable and consistent. Additionally, our dental lab will make custom fitted bleach trays that fit your teeth exactly. We are also able to make sure that this process will not alter any existing dental work you may have.

With tooth bleaching, you can alter the look of your smile with minimal effort and maximum results. If you are pleased with the look and shape of your teeth but would like to make them whiter, please give us a call today and let Ballard Family Dentistry give you a megawatt smile.


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